Biomer Interlocking Tiles

Biomer interlocking tiles is an exclusive product of Sharkline Industries.

Sharkline Industries established in 1980 is a prominent manufacturer of vulcanized rubber products, PU Footwear and flooring solutions. Since its inception, Sharkline Industries has been recognized for strict standards in quality across it’s product lines and impeccable after service. Today our products are exported worldwide and is a well-recognized manufacturer of rubber & EVA foam flooring solutions.

Dedication to delivering world class products & striving to be leaders at what we do defines our ethos. We offer the latest in technology, world-class engineering standards, deep raw materials understanding and close customer support.


Biomer Series 1 – Rubber Tiles

Biomer Rubber Tiles are designed to improve the quality of life at your home, school, gym and work place. They create a safe environment and prevent injuries caused by slipping and falling. Installing Biomer interlocking rubber tiles in hazardous places will greatly improve safety and grip of the floor.

Biomer is made of NR, SBR and recycled rubber with non-toxic chemicals. It is 100% recyclable, easy to install, come in a variety of colors and sizes, low maintenance and ideal for domestic as well as industrial heavy duty applications.


  • Easy to install
  • Tough & long lasting rubber matting
  • Lowers fatigue & injuries
  • Non-porous, non-absorbent, will not swell, curl or lift.
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Shock resistant
  • Anti slip



Biomer Series 2 – EVA Foam Tiles

Foam Flooring epitomizes softness, safety and style. These soft tiles as they are also known are perfect for your kid’s room, play areas, kindergarten and play schools. Available in various styles, colors, thickness and density, you can customise and design the floor to match your needs. You can even use the color scheme to create certain designated area for particular activities. These popular indoor foam tiles are great as they provide a layer of sound and thermal insulation to the room.


  • High quality and durable EVA foam tile matting
  • Double sided in custom colors
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble & fit to size
  • Attractive low relief finish
  • Extremely good insulation properties
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Seamless interlocking design
  • Ideal for applications where hygiene is a priority

Biomer Series 3 – Hollow Mats

Being a client centric manufacturer and distributor, we furnish our customers with Biomer Rubber Hollow Mats. To meet the variegated prerequisites of our profitable supporters, these mats are accessible in distinctive sizes and determinations. These items are thoroughly reviewed by our qualified and experienced experts to guarantee these elastic tangles stringently in comply with the business norms.


Biomer Series 4 – Animal Shelter Flooring

The housing or caging system is an important factor in the physical environment of farm animals to improve the yield and the comfort and welfare of pets. The flooring particularly influences the well being of the animals and improves production of meat, milk and egg. A stress free environment with proper sanitation and good diet are some of the tools in preventing the development and transmission of diseases.


  • 100% premium quality non-porous rubber mats.
  • Textured surface for improved grip.
  • Cushioning underfoot for comfort and safety.
  • Reduces the amount of bedding required.
  • Provides additional warmth and insulation.
  • Helps to reduce dust levels for improved health.
  • Grooved underside for effective drainage.

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Range of Applications


Biomer rubber and foam tiles are easy to assemble due to the connection grooves on the tiles. There is no need for glue or additional agents to bond the tiles together. This means they can be re-assembled as often as required without damaging the individual tiles or existing floor beneath them.

Quality Assurance & Certifications


At Intertech LLC we take all necessary steps to assure a high quality product. We strictly follow latest practices and industry standards. Biomer follows strict guidelines of ASTM standards. We are constantly improving our product lines to deliver the best to our valuable clients.